We’ve learned a lot about creating user feedback surveys and the value behind user feedback surveys. Regardless on the tool or method you choose to create user feedback surveys, it’s important to lay out a foundation as early as possible and start implementing it right away. Don’t wait until last minute before you start collecting user feedback.

Alex Turnbull from Groove says, “Learning the reasons why your customers cancel is painful, but it’s unquestionably valuable. I did nothing to systematically collect and measure the feedback I was getting. There’s no way around it, it still sucks when people point out where you’ve failed them. But actively collecting and leveraging that feedback has become one of the most important drivers for continuous improvement at Groove.”

From that, we can learn that we should actively collect feedback from the customer before they even think about cancelling their account with you.

It has already been mentioned in the previous chapters, but a continuous process of improvement, based on the feedback from your users, is the key to sustainable growth for your startup or business.

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