You know the potential upsides of using surveys, but you’re unsure how to embed one within an email effectively. This guide will cut right to the chase.

First, let’s show you how to embed a survey in an email (then we’ll explain how you can use this method to improve your response rate).

How to embed a survey in email

You’ll need two software tools to get started:

  1. An email software tool
  2. A survey software tool

You will need an email software tool so you have a way to actually send your emails. Now there are a few options for choosing an email tool, but I won’t get into the specifics here. It doesn’t matter if your email tool is simple and free (like Gmail) or if it is complex and expensive, complete email marketing tool (like Mailchimp or HubSpot), you should still be able to embed a survey within your email.

Next, you will need a survey software tool. Admittedly, we are a bit biased but we believe that YesInsights is the simplest solution to adding your survey directly into an email.

Watch how simple it is to set up an email and put it directly into Gmail:

And that basic copy-and-paste formula can be used for all the email providers that we integrate with.

See, it’s way easier than you imagined right?

Now, let’s actually get responses…

Another reason we believe YesInsights to be the best survey software tool to embed within email is that it’s just as easy for your respondents as it is for you. Easier, probably.

It takes about 60 seconds to set up your survey within an email. And it only takes your customers and leads about 3 seconds to answer because we do something radically different than most survey software tools: One-click surveys.

All of our surveys (including our NPS surveys) are so easy to complete because they only take one single click. This maximizes engagement rates because there’s no friction in responding.

Survey response rates are typically so low because surveys are dreadfully boring. Never once has someone been interested in taking a survey. Usually, they want the rewards of having completed the survey but that can backfire because they answer quickly rather than honestly.

However, you can actually use that to your advantage with YesInsights.

Our one-click surveys are so effective because they don’t feel like a survey at all. Instead, they feel like clicking one link in an email and being done with it forever. And due to this, many of our clients have started using one-click surveys in their marketing campaigns (which, I admit, is rather genius).

But one-click surveys work because of their simplicity and the virtually nonexistent friction involved in being on the receiving end. Respondents actually answer (and answer truthfully!) because they normally have to select one response out of a few options.

Remember the last survey you took? It probably had multiple answers to each question, had 30+ questions, and couldn’t be directly answered within an email. None of that is the case with YesInsights.

All of which help your response rates and the accuracy of the data you collect. And it doesn’t hurt that your respondents will feel refreshed by being able to provide feedback without going through the entire (potentially) 30+ minute process of completing a survey. Try out free 7-day trial to see how it works.

Simple one-question and NPS surveys to improve your business.

Discover what matters most to your customers, clients, and prospects. One-click install. No coding needed!