Integrating your YesInsights surveys into Kissmetrics/Knowtify is super easy. So I will quickly detail the steps you need to take to.

How to integrate YesInsights into Kissmetrics

Note: Kissmetrics recently acquired Knowtify. So this guide will work for both Knowtify and Kissmetrics. And if you’re in a rush, there’s a short video of what I am doing at the bottom. If you don’t want to scroll, use CMD-F and type in TL;DR 🙂 

Step 1 – Create your Survey

image of Step 1 - creating a survey - of how to integrate yesinsights into kissmetrics

Sign into your YesInsights account and click “Create Survey”

Step 2 – Choose Survey Type

image of Step 2 - choosing a survey type - of how to integrate yesinsights into kissmetrics

Click on which type of survey you would like to create.

I created a Regular survey for this How To Guide and the corresponding video. Don’t worry! You can follow the same process for setting up an NPS survey. It’s even easier!

Step 3 – Choose How to Share

image of Step 3 - choosing a sharing platform - of how to integrate yesinsights into kissmetrics

You will be prompted to select your distribution method after selecting your type of survey. Select Email since we will be integrating YesInsights with Kissmetrics.

Step 4 – Filling in the Survey Criteria

image of Step 4 - creating your survey questions and answers - of integrating yesinsights into kissmetrics

In this step, you’ll give your survey a name, ask your question, and enter in the responses. You can add more responses by clicking the “Add additional responses” button (in the red box above). And you can add as many responses as you’d like!

You can delete responses by floating your mouse over the Response box you wish to delete. This will make an “x” button appear to the right of the Response box (red arrow and circle above). Simply click that “x” and that response will be deleted.

Step 5 – Creating your Survey to Share

image of Step 5 - creating your survey to share it - of how to integrate yesinsights into kissmetrics

After filling in all the survey criteria, you will scroll down and select the green “Create Survey!” button.

Before hitting create, you will have the opportunity to switch your Landing Page, send a Follow-up email, and adjust your Settings. None of this is required. However, if you want to browse the possibilities, simply click on the arrow to the right (in the red circles above).

Step 6 – Selecting Kissmetrics/Knowtify

 image of Step 6 - choosing your email platform - of how to integrate yesinsights into kissmetrics

You will see this page after clicking “Create Survey”. To select Kissmetrics/Knowtify, click on the drop down arrow. It will load up a drop down menu of all the email platforms we integrate with in alphabetical order.

image of Step 6 - selecting kissmetrics - of how to integrate yesinsights into kissmetrics

Scroll down until you see Knowtify (or Kissmetrics) (red box above) and select it.

Step 7 – Copying your Survey Snippet

image of Step 7 - getting your kissmetrics survey snippet - of how to integrate yesinsights into kissmetrics

After selecting Kissmetrics/Knowtify, you will see the screen pictured above. You just need to click on the green “Get Survey Snippet” button (in the red box above).

image of Step 7 - copying your kissmetrics snippet - of how to integrate yesinsights into kissmetrics

That will load up the page pictured above. All you need to do is click anywhere inside the survey snippet box. I added the blue and green mouse capture so you could see that a simple mouse click will save it to your clipboard!

You will see the green “Survey snippet copied!” pop-up right after you click on the survey snippet.

Step 8 – Paste Survey Snippet into Kissmetrics

image of Step 8 - pasting your survey snippet in kissmetrics - of how to integrate yesinsights into kissmetrics

Next, head over to your email in Kissmetrics and paste your survey snippet. The paste shortcut (CMD-V) is your friend here 🙂

Step 9 – Activating your links

Your survey answers will not automatically link when you paste your surveys into Kissmetrics. So you’ll need to activate the links for each answer or they won’t work.

image of activating your link responses in kissmetrics

First, highlight a response (green circle above) and load Kissmetric’s toolbar. From there, click on the link button (in the green box above).

2nd image of activating your linked responses in kissmetrics

This will load the link. You will just need to click the checkmark button (in the green box above) to activate the link. Repeat this step for each response. Your survey will look something like this when you’re finished.image of what your yesinsights survey will look like when integrating yesinsights into kissmetrics

Step 10 – Double Check (optional)

image of step to preview yesinsights into kissmetrics integration

Personally, I like to double check that the surveys are functioning properly. After your survey is embedded into your email, click the “Send Test Email” button in the top right corner of your screen (and in the red box above).

image of selecting preview to double check your yesinsights into kissmetrics integration

Then, enter your email and click the green “Send Now” button (in the red box above).

image of selecting a response in a kissmetrics preview email

Then go to your email and locate your test email (it might be in your Spam folder!). After you find it, click on a response. This will take you to the YesInsights landing page where responders will be prompted to add additional comments.

Fill in your additional comments on the YesInsights Landing Page and click the green “Send” button. After this, you’ll want to go back to your YesInsights dashboard.

image of selecting your yesinsights survey to see the responses you have gotten

Click on the title of your survey (red circle above). If you ran an NPS survey, you will need to select the “NPS Surveys” button first (green box above).

image of your previewed results

After clicking, you will be able to see your real-time results and any additional comments.

Make sure you delete this response so it doesn’t affect your survey stats.

And that’s all there is to it!


Here’s the video of me doing the same process: